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Scintillators in X-Ray Imaging:The Miscirlu Project 1-8
Nektarios Kalyvas, Panagiotis Liaparinos, Ioannis Valais, Christos Michail, Stratos David, Ioannis Kandarakis PDF
Infrared Thermography Imaging: Evaluating surface emissivity and skin thermal response to IR heating 9-14
A. Skouroliakou, Ioannis Seferis, Ioannis Sianoudis, Ioannis Valais, A. Fragopoulou, L. Margaritis PDF
Dual Energy Inverse Mapping Technique to Estimate Calcium-to-Phoshorus Mass Ratio in Bone Quality Assessment 15-24
Panagiota Sotiropoulou, George Fountos, Niki Martini, Vaia Koukou, Christos Michail, Ioannis Valais, Ioannis Kandarakis, George Nikiforidis PDF
Emerging Technologies in Clinical Laboratories as Outlined in Industrial Property Documents 31-46
Basile Spyropoulos, M. Kontogiorgis, K. Christou, G. Tzanoukos, S. Lalissidou, G. Leontidis, K. Rota, V. Tsimpida
A patient medical imaging referral support system based on medical-managerial and patient-safety criteria 47-57
V. Mamakou, Basile Spyropoulos PDF
A status report on ongoing quality assurance measurements in contemporary radiology 59-68
A. Papathymiou, G. Fotiadis, C. Housein, G. Manousaridis, Basile Spyropoulos PDF
Assessment of the Impact of Dark Signal on Image Quality in Computerized Mammography 69-77
Alexia Valasi, Maria Argyrou, Ioannis Floros, Elisavet Molyvda, Anastasios Siountas, A. Bakas, Ioannis Vamvakas, Maria Lyra PDF

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