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Lifelong guidance and career counseling in the public sector: a new challenge for the modernization of public administration

Μαρία Γεμελιάρη, Σαββατού Τσολακίδου


This article attempts to explore the need to develop Lifelong Guidance and Career Guidance services which will be provided to civil servants throughout their working lives. Rapid changes in the socio-economic environment, the economic crisis of recent years and the frequent reform efforts in various sectors of Public Administration emphasize the need for guidance and career counseling. The adaptability of the workforce, its flexibility and mobility in order to cover needs arising from the new data, require continuous and personalized information, updating and counseling to effectively bridge the requirements of public institutions with the appropriate and trained personnel and assist employees to choose jobs that match with their professional profile and their professional and personal expectations. Moreover, it is attempted to prescribe the job profile of a lifelong and career guidance counselor, as well as the role of the Training Institute of the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government in the training of personnel who will act as lifelong and career guidance counselors for the public servants.


lifelong career guidance, professional mobility, lifelong learning, European Framework of Qualifications, Competences and Skills

Full Text: PDF (ελληνικά)

DOI: 10.18780/e-jst.v11i5.3121


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