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An assessment of the French public-private partnership law

Αντώνιος Μανιάτης


The law on 40-hour work per week was voted in France in June 1936. In the same legal order, the first leave of absence with pay was granted to the employees under the governance of People’s Front whilst today the thirty-five-hour work per week has been consecrated. France is the first and unique state endowed with a Tourism Code, having codified various rules of the cross, specific branch “Tourism Law”. Many French litterateurs have contributed to the formation of a travel literature or even of a tourism one, with starting point of the French travel literature the piece of François René de Chateaubriand “Itinerary from Paris to Jerusalem and from Jerusalem to Paris”, in 1811. Théophile Gautier and Octave Mirbeau have authored literature pieces on Antwerp and Brussels, respectively. Tourism is a fundamental right of - inter alia – third generation (solidarity right) and is also connected with the fourth generation of fundamental rights. France is a pioneer in matters of the law on free time and leisure.


Leisure, French Literature, Fundamental rights generations (Third and fourth generation), Tourism Law, Weekend

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DOI: 10.18780/e-jst.v11i5.3117


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