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Nutrition Education and Cardiometabolic Risk

Dimitrios Chaniotis, Leto Papagiannakopoulou


Metabolic Syndrome (MS) is constituted from a sum of risk factors and it is one of the most important diseases that contribute greatly to the morbidity and mortality caused by atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular disorders. Every disturbance in the MS constitutes an independent risk factor; however they can accumulate in the same person and as a result there is an increase of complications. Simple measures like the loss of weight, physical exercise, smoking cessation and (when needed) drug treatment may have a great effect in decreasing the risk of these complications. The research effort for the understanding of the causes that provoke resistance to insulin and the appearance of MS, still presents a great scientific interest. Among the causes that contribute to the development of MS are genetic and environmental factors. Recent studies have shown that MS increases even in children due to the appearance of their obesity. Children however, present all the characteristics of MS, like adults, therefore more case studies are needed in order to define the factors of MS for children.


Nutrition Education, Metabolic Syndrome, Cardiometabolic Risk, central obesity, diabetes mellitus, atherogenic dyslipidemia

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DOI: 10.18780/e-jst.v11i5.3116


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