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International Conference on Integrated Information 2011

Island of Kos, Greece

September 29, 2012 – October 3, 2012

Table of Contents

Information and Knowledge Management

Towards the Preservation and Availability of Historical Books and Manuscripts: A Case Study 8-11
Eleni Galiotou PDF
An Extensive Experimental Study on the Cluster-based Reference Set Reduction for Speeding-up the k-NN Classifier 12-15
Stefanos Ougiaroglou, Georgios Evangelidis, Dimitris Dervos PDF
Exploiting the Search Culture Modulated by the Documentation Retrieval Applications 16-21
Nikitas Karanikolas, Christos Skourlas PDF
Information and Knowledge Organization-The Case of the TEI of Athens 22-25
Anastasios Tsolakidis, Manolis Chalaris, Ioannis Chalaris PDF
Providing Access to Students with Disabilities and Learning Difficulties in Higher Education through a Secure Wireless Framework 26-29
Catherine Marinagi, Christos Skourlas PDF
Improving Query Efficiency in High Dimensional Point Indexes 30-33
Evangelos Outsios, Georgios Evangelidis PDF
Text Segmentation Using Named Entity Recognition and Co-Reference Resolution in Greek Texts 34-41
Pavlina Fragkou PDF
KINISIS, a Graphical XQuery Language 42-45
Euclid Keramopoulos, Achilleas Pliakas, Konstantinos Tsekos, Ignatios Deligiannis PDF
Dimensionality Curse, Concentration Phenomenon and the KDB-tree 46-49
Nikolaos Kouiroukidis, Georgios Evangelidis PDF
Applying Balanced Scorecard Strategic Management in Higher Education 50-53
Manolis Chalaris, Anastasios Tsolakidis, Ioannis Chalaris PDF
A Web Portal Model for NGOs’ Knowledge Management 54-57
Zuhal Tanrikulu PDF
The Digital Archives System and Application Optimized for the Tradition Knowledge Archives 58-61
Jeon Hong Chan, In Deok Hwang, Jae Hak Park, Hyeok Sim, U won Gwon, Soon Cheol Park PDF
A Semi-Automatic Emerging Technology Trend Classifier Using SCOPUS and PATSTAT 62-65
Seonho Kim, Woondong Yeo, Byong-Youl Coh, Waqas Rasheed, Jaewoo Kang PDF
Presenting a Framework for Knowledge Management within a Web Enabled Living Lab 66-70
Lizette de Jager, Albertus AK Buitendag, Potjie (JS) van der Walt PDF

Information History: perspectives, methods, and current topics

Emerging Research Fields in Information History 98-101
Laszlo Z. Karvalics PDF
Information Management through Elementary Data Clusters – New Observations on Pridianum-type Roman Statistical Documents 102-105
Gergő Gellérfi PDF
Information and Secrecy on the Silk Road. Methods of Encryption of Legal Documents in Inner Asia (3th-4th century) 106-109
Szabolcs Felföldi PDF
The Role of Information and Disinformation in the Establishment of the Mongolian Empire – A Re-examination of the 13th century Mongolian History from the Viewpoint of Information History 110-113
Márton Gergő Vér PDF
Early warning systems and the Hospitallers in the eastern Mediterranean 114-117
Zsolt Hunyadi PDF
Information Management as Establishment Dutch Navigational Knowledge on Japan, 1608-1641 118-122
Gabor Szommer PDF
Files Everywhere - Register and Training of Men for Military and Civil Purpose in Prussia in the early 18th century 123-125
Marton Holczer PDF

Business and Management and Dynamic Simulation Models supporting Management Strategies

New Political Communication Practices: No Budget Events Management. The New Challenge 73-77
Evangelia Markaki, Damianos Sakas, Theodore Chadjipantelis PDF
Free Software – Open Source Software. A Powerful Tool for Developing Creativity in the Hands of the Student 78-81
Dimitrios Nasiopoulos, Damianos Sakas, Konstantinos Masselos PDF
Open Source Web Applications. How it Spread through the Internet and their Contribution to Education 82-84
Dimitrios Nasiopoulos, Damianos Sakas, Konstantinos Masselos PDF
Culture in Modern Times in the Frame of Luhmann’s System Theory 85-86
Anastasia Chournazidis PDF
Managing Scientific Journals: A Cultural Viewpoint 87-91
Marina Terzi, Damianos Sakas, Ioannis Seimenis PDF
A conceptual framework for analyzing knowledge-based entrepreneurship 92-95
Nikos Kanellos PDF

Integrated Information: theory, policies, tools

Approaching Information as an Integrated Field: Educating Information Professionals 128-131
Georgios Giannakopoulos, Daphne Kyriaki Manesi, Spiros Zervos PDF
Special Libraries as Knowledge Management Centers 132-135
Eva Semertzaki PDF
Digital libraries’ Developers and their Suitability: A Case Study 136-139
Maria Monopoli PDF
A Preliminary Study for the Creation of a Greek Citation Index in the Humanities and the Social Sciences (GCI – H&SS) 140-143
Daphne Kyriaki-Manessi, Evi Sachini PDF
Archiving as an Information Science. Evidence from a Survey Carried out on a Sample of Greek Students
Georgios Giannakopoulos, Ioannis Koumantakis PDF
Transition Process of E-records Management and Archiving System in Universities: Ankara University 147-149
S. Özlem Bayram, Fahrettin Ozdemirci PDF
Government Information: Access and Greece’s Efforts for Access 150-155
Aikaterini Yiannoukakou PDF
School Archives and their Potentials in Teaching: Aspects of Greek Reality 156-159
Sonia Geladaki, Panagiota Papadimitriou PDF
Research on School Libraries in Greece and Suggestions on its Further Development 160-163
Georgios Bikos PDF
Building Digital Collections for Archeological Sites: Metadata Requirements and CIDOC CRM Extension 164-168
Georgios Gkrous, Mara Nikolaidou PDF
Museological Claims to Autonomous Knowledge: Rethinking the Conceptual Mode of Display and its Claims to Knowledge 169-171
Assimina Kaniari, Georgios Giannakopoulos PDF
Use of Library Loan Records for Book Recommendation 172-175
Keita Tsuji, Erika Kuroo, Sho Sato, Ui Ikeuchi, Atsushi Ikeuchi, Fuyuki Yoshikane, Hiroshi Itsumura PDF
Developing a National Database on Librarianship and Information Science. The Case of E-VIVA, the Hellenic Fulltext Database 176-180
Filippos Tsimpoglou, Vasiliki Koukounidou, Eleni Sakka PDF
Integrated Access to Cultural Heritage Information Pieces in Iran Astan- Quds Razavi's Organization of Libraries, Museums and Documents center: A Theory of Unionization Disparate Information Assets over Imam Reza's Zarih 181-184
Mitra Zarei, Maliheh Farrokhnia PDF
Attitudes of University Librarians and Information Scientists towards the Draft Code of Library Ethics to Present a Model for Final Library Ethical Codes 185-187
Mahsoomeh Latifi, Fatemeh Zandian, Hasan Siamian PDF

Open Access Repositories: self-archiving, metadata, content policies, usage

Geographical Collections in Greek Academic Libraries: Current Situation and Perspectives 190-193
Ifigenia Vardakosta, Sarantos Kapidakis PDF
Information seeking behavior: factors that affect the behavior of Greek astronomers 194-197
Hara Brindesi, Sarantos Kapidakis PDF
Aggregating Metadata for Europeana: The Greek paradigm 198-201
Alexandros Koulouris, Vangelis Banos, Emmanouel Garoufallou PDF
Integrating a Repository with Research Output and Publications: The case of the National Technical University of Athens 202-204
Dionysis Kokkinos PDF
Implementation of Workflows as Finite State Machines in a National Doctoral Dissertations Archive 205-208
Nikos Houssos, Dimitris Zavaliadis, Kostas Stamatis, Panagiotis Stathopoulos PDF
Practices of “Local” Repositories of Legally Protected Immovable Monuments - A Global Scheme for ‘Designation – Significance’ Information 209-212
Michail Agathos, Sarantos Kapidakis PDF
Integration of Metadata in BWmeta-2.0.0 Format 213-215
Katarzyna Zamlynska, Jakub Jurkiewicz, Lukasz Bolikowski PDF

Evidence-based Information in Clinical Practice

Applicability of Data Mining Algoritms on Clinical Datasets 218-220
Wilfred Bonney PDF
Changing Roles of Health Librarians with Open Access Repositories 221-224
Christine Urquhart, Assimina Vlachaki PDF
From Medical Records to Health Knowledge Management Systems: The coding to health sector 225-228
Evangelia Lappa, Georgios Giannakopoulos PDF
The Survey of Skill, Attitude and Use of Computer and Internet among Faculty Members 229-231
Hasan Siamian, Azita Bala Ghafari, Kobra Aligolbandi, Mohammad Vahedi, Gholam Ali Golafshani Jooybari PDF
Trends in Scholarly Communication Among Biomedical Scientists in Greece 232-235
Assimina Vlachaki, Christine Urquhart PDF

Electronic Publishing: a developing landscape

E-journal and Open Access Journal Publishing in the Humanities: Preliminary Results from a Survey among Byzantine Studies Scholars 238-241
Victoria Tsoukala, Evi Sachini PDF
Preliminary Results on a Printed vs Electronic Text books Assessment through Questionnaire 242-245
Dimitrios Kouis, Kanella Pouli PDF
An Interpretation of Aristotelian Logic According to George Boole 246-250
Markos Dendrinos PDF

Information Content Preservation as Outcome of Conservation of Cultural Heritage: ethics, methodology and tools

Intrinsic Data Obfuscation as the Result of Book and Paper Conservation Interventions 254-257
Spiros Zervos, Alexandros Koulouris, Georgios Giannakopoulos PDF
Mass Deacidification: Preserving more than Written Information 258-259
Michael Ramin, Evelyn Eisenhauer, Markus Reist PDF
Information Literacy of Library Users: A Case Study of Mazandaran Public Library Users, Iran 260-263
Hussein Mahdizadeh, Hasan Siamian PDF
The Narratives of Paper in the Archives of the New Independent Greek State (mid 19th c) 264-267
Ourania Kanakari, Maria Giannikou PDF
From Macro to Micro and from Micro to Nano: The Evolution of the Information Content Preservation of Biological Wet Specimen Collections 268-271
Nikolaos Maniatis, Georgios Panagiaris PDF
Digital Images: A Valuable Scholar's Tool or Misleading Material? 272-276
Patricia Engel PDF
Attitudes of University Librarians and Information Scientists towards the Draft Code of Library Ethics to Present a Model for Final Library Ethical Codes 277-279
Mahsoomeh Latifi, Fatemeh Zandian, Hasan Siamian PDF
Investigation of the Degradation Mechanisms of Organic Materials: From Accelerated Ageing to Chemometric Studies 280-284
Ekaterini Malea, Effie Papageorgiou, Georgios Panagiaris PDF

Divergence and Convergence: information work in digital cultural memory institutions

Extending Convergence and Divergence in Cultural Memory Institutions: The Old Slave Lodge in the New South Africa 287-288
Archie Dick PDF
The Transfer of Knowledge from Large Organizations to Small: Experiences from a Research Project on Digitization in Wales 289-292
Clare Wood-Fisher, Richard Gough, Sarah Higgins, Menna Morgan, Amy Staniforth, Lucy Tedd PDF
The Usage of Reference Management Software (RMS) in an Academic Environment: A Survey at Tallinn University 293-296
Enrico Francese PDF
VariaLog : How to Locate Words in a French Renaissance Virtual Library 297-300
Marie-Hélène Lay PDF
The Urge to Merge: A Theoretical Approach 301-303
Susan Myburgh PDF

Advances Information for Strategic Management

Empowerment in the Tax Office of Greece 306-309
Antonios Giokas, Nikolaos Antonakas PDF
Building Absorptive Capacity through Internal Corporate Venturing 310-313
Ioannis Sotiriou, Alexandros Alexandrakis PDF
The Monitoring Information System (M.I.S.) - An information and Management System for Projects Co financed Under the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) and the Community Support Framework (CSF) 314-317
Catherina Siampou, Eleni Fassou, Athanassios Panagiotopoulos PDF
Corruption in Tax Administration: The Entrepreneurs View Point 318-321
Nikolaos Antonakas, Antonios Giokas, Nikolaos Konstantopoulos PDF
Conflicts Between the IT Manager and the Software House after the Strategic Choice of Outsourcing of the Information Processes in Maritime Companies 322-324
Anthi Vaxevanou, Nikolaos Konstantopoulos, Damianos Sakas PDF
Contemporary Forms of Ordering between the Supply Department and Ship Chandler Companies in the Shipping Industry 325-328
Anthi Vaxevanou, Nikolaos Konstantopoulos, Damianos Sakas PDF
Strategies Implemented and Sources Used for the Acquisition of Information on Foreign Markets 329-332
Myropi Garri, Nikolaos Konstantopoulos, Michail Bekiaris PDF
The Effect of High Performance Working Systems on Informative Technology in Enterprises after Organisation Changes such as Mergers & Acquisitions 333-336
Nikolaos Konstantopoulos, Yiannis Triantafyllopoulos PDF
Personnel’s Absorptive Capacity as a Guiding Concept for Effective Performance in Informative Technology 337-340
Nikolaos Konstantopoulos, Yiannis Tsolakidis PDF

Contemporary Issues in Management: organisational behaviour, information technolog, education & hospital leaders

Investigating the Importance of Sustainable Development for Hotel SMEs 343-346
Panagiotis Reklitis, Anestis Fotiadis PDF
Strategic Alignment of ERP, CRM and E-business: A Value Creation 347-350
Catherine Marinagi, Christos Akrivos PDF
The impact of Occupational Stress on Performance in Health Care 351-355
Panagiotis Trivellas, Panagiotis Reklitis, Charalambos Platis PDF
The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Job Outcomes and Turnover Intention in Health Care 356-359
Panagiotis Trivellas, Vassilis Gerogiannis, Sofia Svarna PDF

Business Management and Communication Strategies supporting Decision Making Process in Tourism Sector

The Human Factor as a Mediator to the Total Quality in the Tourism Companies. The Impact of Employees’ Motivation to Quality Improvements 362-364
Christos Akrivos, Panagiotis Reklitis PDF
Tourist Destination Marketing and Management Using Advanced ICTs Technologies 365-369
Anastasia Argyropoulou, Panagiota Dionyssopoulou, Georgios Miaoulis PDF
G.N.T.O. (Greek National Tourism Organization) Communication Strategy in Advertising Campaigns 1991-2006 370-374
George Stafylakis, Panagiota Dionyssopoulou PDF

General Papers

The Role of Environmental Education within the framework of the Environmental Policy of a Regional Municipality 376-379
Vassiliki Delitheou, Dimitra Thanasia PDF
Issues of social cohesion: A case study from the Greek urban scenery 380-383
Evgenia Tousi PDF
Merging activity and employee performance: the Greek Banking System 384-386
Panagiotis Liargovas, Spyridon Repousis PDF
Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility in Higher Education: Some Evidence from GreeceSustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility in Higher Education: Some Evidence from Greece 387-394
Anastasios Sepetis, Fotios Rizos PDF
Exploring the Effects of Organizational Culture on Collaborative vs. Competitive Knowledge Sharing Behaviors 395-398
Hanan Abdulla Mohammed Al Mehairi, Norhayati Zakaria PDF

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