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S. Pearce’s model for studying objects and its application to a baptismal cross

Alexandra Tranta


This paper applies S. Pearce’s model for studying objects to a family heirloom, a baptismal cross. This model is a mnemonic device, not a system of inviolable rules. Furthermore, it is shown that the interpretative process needs to encompass not only information about the object, but also a new perception of the range of philosophical and technical concepts that shape the interpretation of material culture. It is also necessary to stress the understanding and applying the theory of the model for studying objects, realising the degree to which discussing objects contributes to and illuminates different aspects of material culture, given that learning is influenced by personal elements, too, as demonstrated by contemporary museum studies and studies of material culture.


material culture, museum studies

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DOI: 10.26265/jiim.v5i1.4433


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